@writers.blood Instagram Profile 13 January, 2019

Lack of communication, Not being able to talk to each other about certain things, thoughts, problems. 💔

@losttreasurelove Instagram Profile 13 January, 2019

Assuming that everything is fine with your partner. But also not willing to work things out.

@marietjiejanse Instagram Profile 13 January, 2019

Not being able to read body language correctly and trying too hard to please ... emosional baggage ..hey, the list is too long 😭

@writings_by_free Instagram Profile 13 January, 2019

It's the other way around. We fight and blame one another for our own issues and end up hating each other for not being able to fix our issues and we move on to find someone else to blame. I'm a distrusting person so I need you to behave in a way that makes me feel comfortable. Or I get bored easily so I need you to be available to me at my beg and call, never mind what your plans for today were. Or, I'm tired after a hard day at work so I am pissed that you didn't clean the house exactly the way I would have. Why aren't you more like me! 😂 In silent presence, listening, understanding, love actually flows.

@writings_by_free Instagram Profile 13 January, 2019

@shebrokemysoul haha yes, I know that one too, angry silence! I'm punishing you for not being or behaving the way I want you to. True, that's also a killer!

@writings_by_free Instagram Profile 13 January, 2019

@shebrokemysoul been there, ignoring someone's existence is mind-blowing to the receiver. It helped me to realise I didn't need him to be happy so all is well that ends well 😉

@frogfreak21 Instagram Profile 13 January, 2019

Killing a relationship is what we all do. Not even knowing. It's being too much there, its not being enough there, its overthinking- which i do, especially since i had someone that the word" Love" was a SPECIALNESS.. Long distance ruins it all / npo matter what you think. One needs to be able to feel that hand, touch that arm, feel the gentleness of his kisses, to talk bout STUFF. That is what ruins a relationship. Not enough toGETHeRNess..

@s.alrwas Instagram Profile 1 February, 2019

Beautiful work 😍🙏🏼
would u mind f4f please? ☺️