@vindin5 Instagram Profile 18 September, 2018

Feel sorry for you mr.president i feel bad for you have to taste that crappy coffee u deserve some of the @blackriflecoffee they give out better tasting coffee and hire vets not refugees

@beachykeen2019 Instagram Profile 4 October, 2018

Are you going to stand up for Kavanaugh or leave him hanging in the wind against the mob of liars?

@itgeeksean Instagram Profile 8 October, 2018

I hope the secret service watches these comments and hunts down each of you that make death threats,

@togapartysc Instagram Profile 1 December, 2018

@vindin5 Stumbled across this while looking at some 41 comments. I like BRC too, but you need to check facts on how many vets Starbucks hired over the years. Taste aside, they committed to do so long before others.

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@nac26 Instagram Profile 23 January, 2019

@elgatoblancodemuerte nothing at all. I’m white. I just think equal opportunity in the workplace is important. Every company should have an Affirmative Action Plan in place. This will help foster a well rounded workforce. Nothing about this picture says equal opportunity... just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️

@s.arah.j.une Instagram Profile 24 January, 2019

wow we got intellectual kings and queens right herrr